Carguru website redesign
Carguru website

Carguru website

A pioneer car sharing service in Latvia that raised its car fleet from 12 to 160 cars in just two years. As an environmentally responsible company, Carguru use hybrid engine cars only.
The service is aiming to change the way people travel around the city, and it has grown since 2016 and the old website couldn't keep up with its technology development pace and didn't reflect company's essence no more.
New app development kicked off the website rebuild too, and we were happy to help Carguru with it.
Enter point
Take. Drive. Park. Repeat. — company's motto, which formed the basis of the website concept. There are four major blocks on the main page and the same number of steps to start the rent.

The main page covers features, principles of the rent, car fleet with prices and complemented with a map with live info about available cars.
Detailed pricing information is available at just one click makes it very transparent service.
Mobile first
For consistency purpose on a mobile the website has the same structure as the desktop version.
Separate page where the most common questions are answered. The more accessible this information gets, the less stress the support team face everyday.
The set of icons was prepared according to the new design concept. The client can use those not only in a website, but in ads campaigns, decorating promo materials and in many more ways.
For business
Corporate clients page is designed using darker colors, but inherits the overall styling of the website.